Dear friends,

Saturday classes are ongoing at Cardenas PT and I’m enjoying the in-depth work with this small class.

I have two notes to share with you about upcoming dates:

  • We will have class on Saturday, November 29, Thanksgiving weekend. Feel free to bring a guest.
  • On Saturday, December 6, class will be CANCELLED. I will be in class all day (Intro to Art Therapy). I look forward to seeing how what I learn folds into our work!

We will be holding class throughout the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years holidays (which all fall on Thursdays this year).

Best wishes,

Reminder: At Santa Monica YMCA, Tuesday September 9, 2014 was our last class.

This summer was the 10 year anniversary for my teaching classes at the Santa Monica YMCA. I started teaching twice a week in the summer of 2004. That adds up to about 500 classes I have taught there during this time! It is been a real treat to work with all the students who attended this class over the years.

For the coming Fall season, my schedule is very full and unfortunately, I have had to cancel the class for the rest of this year. This makes me very sad! I hope to work with you again sometime.




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